1422 Sachem Place
Unit 1
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

Tel: 434.977.0600


Contact: James Conklin

Year Founded: 1989

Industries Served

Security: Cyber Security
Service: Engineering, Training and Simulation
Technology: Information and Communcations, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance



Languages Spoken

Company Overview

From the private sector to the government, our clients look to us to solve their hardest problems, and we have a long history of exceeding their expectations. We provide a variety of advanced analytical techniques, and we render solutions in software that clients can apply immediately. Whether you conduct marketing intelligence or track criminal gangs, CCRi can help you break through constraints.

At CCRi, we apply numerous machine learning techniques to textual, spatial, and numeric data sets to answer key questions posed by our clients. We then implement these solutions into software systems with a strong focus on scalability, usability, and data visualization. Examples of our work include: * GeoMesa, a scalable solution for storing, indexing, querying, transforming, and visualizing spatio-temporal data in Accumulo and Google Cloud Bigtable; * Stealth, a dynamic spatial visualization tool capable of animating millions of entities in your browser; and * Swift, spatial predictive analytics for mobile platforms.

Company Resources

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