11250 Roger Bacon Drive
Suite 14
Reston, Virginia 20190

Tel: 703.481.0068


Contact: Seth Leyman

Industries Served

Land: Vehicles and Systems
Security: Emergency Management, Homeland Security
Technology: Information and Communcations
Defense Personnel: Humanitarian Aid


Radio Interoperability, Vehicle Intercom, Communications Electronics, In-Building and Below Grade Communications, Satellite Phone Accessories

Languages Spoken

Company Overview

Communications-Applied Technology is a veteran-owned, small business located outside of Washington D.C. We design, manufacture and distribute voice/audio communications systems for public safety and military agencies in the U.S. and abroad. Our products are used by these agencies to support their mission of homeland security, humanitarian aid, emergency and disaster response.

ICRI - Radio Interoperability Gateway: Interconnect municipal, state and federal radios, public safety and military radios, land-line/cellular/VoIP/satellite telephones, 7 - 900Mhz, HF - UHF, TETRA and more, within minutes after deployment, during during mutual aid operations and disaster response. In-Building and Below Grade Repeater: Entry into ships, tunnels and heavily reinforced buildings each severely degrade the quality of radio communications. Enhance radio communications by using the ICRI 2PED with cable reels, to link the entry team back to the commander, for monitoring and support. AMCVIS- Vehicle Intercom System: For military and law enforcement operators in light tactical vehicles, this intercom system supports simultaneous transmit and receive of up to 10 crewmen and 2 radios. The entire system is designed to occupy minimal space, simple to operate and reliable in harsh environments. SCBA/PARS/mask compatible headset: Enhance communications in Level "A"/"B" PPE

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