17652 Tedler Circle
Round Hill, Virginia 20141

Tel: 540.316.6114


Contact: Dennis Arakelian

Year Founded: 2013

Industries Served

Security: Homeland Security
Service: Professional Services, Training and Simulation
Technology: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Systems (CBRN), Information and Communcations, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Defense Personnel: Humanitarian Aid, Personal Equipment


Special Operations, ISR, Intelligence Analysis, Threat Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, PED/FMV, Counterpiracy, Collection Management

Languages Spoken


Company Overview

Imperial Defense is a veteran-owned small-business that specializes in special operations, intelligence analysis, and full spectrum ISR support. We draw our employees exclusively from the U.S. Special Operations community and associated intelligence components. We support your mission with technical expertise, top-tier training, and the highest level experts and warfighters the U.S. has to offer

Special Operations: We offer highly trained teams of operators recruited from US military Special Operations units deployable worldwide. We specialize in operating in low to high-risk environments globally; maximizing the safety of personnel and assets while minimizing costs and footprint. Our operators are able to run Mobile Training Teams working with partner forces on wide array of subjects. Intelligence: We maintain personal relationships with a select group of recognized leaders in the intelligence analysis field. We can assist in a range of endeavors across the intelligence spectrum: from target development to I&W, from allsource analysis to finding, fixing, and finishing targets. ISR: We bring a wealth of recent experience and knowledge of conventional and special operations experience, along with extensive contacts in AFSOC, JSOC, and civilian intelligence agencies. We maintain a cadre of vetted pilots, sensor operators, PED personnel, and ISR tactical controllers.

Company Resources

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